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Houston Press Music Awards Showcase 03

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Clouseaux plays Dean's Credit Clothing...

Steve Aileen and David

Kelly conteplates Ryan looks on

Johnfire & Susan

Steffany & Brennan

the infamous Mike Simms

David & Aileen

This year the Houston Press nominated Clouseaux for Best New Act, Best Drummer (Claudio De Pujadas), Best Horns (Steve Ruth, Ryan Gabbart, Aaron Koerner) and Best Guitarist (Kelly Doyle).  The pics above were taken outside Dean's Credit Clothing where Clouseaux was asked to play the HP Music Awards Showcase.  The place was absolutely packed and the stage was super small but everyone had a good time despite the excessive perspiration. Unfortunately due to the crowding John was unable to breathe fire. Thanks to the Houston Press for this years nominations.

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