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"Set bongos on stun, Mr. Spock" says writer Gregg Barr of the Houston Press. "Like you have not seen since the days of the Louis & Keely show, or at least the days of Combustible Edison" says Otto von Stroheim creator of Tiki News Fanzine. "Cross Mancini with Brasil 66" says some girl at the opening night of the Theatre Illuminata. Is it a 60s sci-fi sound track? Is it jet set exotica? Is it what Ward Cleaver uses to seduce his wife June? Maybe its a little bit of all of this. Clouseaux makes music for the young sophisticate. Intoxicating harmonies fused with the rhythms of percussionists "in full Ricky Ricardo mode" create the perfect soundscape for Clouseaux's firebreather as he dazzles cocktail consuming onlookers . You'll be swept away back in time to exotic noctopias where bartenders in smoking jackets serve up mai-tais under shelves lined with shrunken heads. Clouseaux's compositions will fulfill your most primal desires, leaving you pleasantly refreshed and alive with pleasure. Check out what the Houston Chronicle says about Clouseaux.

Clouseaux on TV:

PBS TV Houston Channel 8 "The Connection". (aired Tuesday May 6 and Sunday May 11, 2003)

The Houston Media Source "Houston Music Hour" (aired Sunday June 1st 2003)

Clouseaux on the Radio:

The Lounge Show KO.OP, 91.7 FM Austin, Texas

Sound Awake Radio (kpft 90.1 houston)

KTRU 91.7 Rice Radio (Scott Butt's Local Show)

crfu 93.3 (Ontario Canada)

Nerd Rock on 91.3 FM KBCS Bellevue-Seattle

Star 790 KBME (The Ronnie Renfrow Show)

Press covering Clouseaux:

Sound and Vision Magazine (Scouting stars at SXSW 2003 By Ken Richardson)

Cool and Strange Music Magazine (issue 28)

Austin Chronicle (Christopher Gray VOL.22 NO.28: MUSIC: SXSW PICKS AND SLEEPERS)

Houston Chronicle (Sara Cress Feb. 19,2003)

Houston Press (John Lomax June 12, 2003)

Houston Press (Greg Barr published 1/9/03)

The Bulletin (Mark Williams June 2003)

Houston Press (Lomax March 20, 2003)

Houston Press (Lomax February 20, 2003)

Houston Press (By Craig D. Lindsey, John Nova Lomax, Bob Ruggiero and Roger Wood Published August 1, 2002)

Clouseaux perfomances listed from oldest to newest...