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Skate Shops

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Blatant skate decks, custom decks, and accessories are available at these fine retailers and skate parks:
Alley Cat Skate Shop
1329 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, Texas 77229
281 359 2sk8
Humble Skate Park
113 South Avenue A
Humble, Texas
Montrose Skate Shop
3202 White Oak
Houston, Texas 77007
713 880 8777
Stoked Skate and Apparel
40034 Rustic Woods
Kingwood, Texas 77229
281 359 7853

Retailers, let Blatant supply you with our fine product! We can also create killer shop decks and team boards for you. Not in the Texas area? Just pick up the phone and call or shoot us an email. We'll ship your order almost anywhere! 

the legendary Surfhouse, Houston Tx

1729 W. 34th at Ella
Houston, Texas 77018
713 686 3300

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