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SXSW 2003

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Clouseaux plays Opal Divine's...


Houston Press Music Awards Showcase 2003



Thursday March13, 2003, Clouseaux played @ SXSW in Austin Texas @ Opal Divine's Freehouse with Brave Combo, The Red Elvises, and several other bands whose names slip from memory.  As SXSW is really big event featuring bands from all over the world, it was really hectic that night (getting through traffic, parking, 10 minutes to set up in between bands etc.).  The show turned out well though.  Brave  Combo was killer as always and the Red Elvises were really funny. Clouseaux received alot of press as a result and even got an inquiry from the VP of MCA records.  This was the first show where John was unable to breathe fire (as a result of  Great White's pyrotechnics tragedy). 

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