This 10 song full length CD was Clouseaux's first release in December 2002. A must have for any bachelor pad enthusiast, Clouseaux' s eponymous debut release is the music of the martini, the miniskirt, and the beehive hairdo. A broad spectrum of styles are covered including exotica, lounge, surf, tinpan alley and jazz. $10

Destination: Oasis

Heavy on the exotica, the Destination Oasis CD/EP was released for the Tiki Oasis 3 event held in Palm Springs May 2003. This 6 song CD was released in promotion for "Lagoon!" and contains a alternate takes of Shrunken Heads, Destination Oasis, and Reum with a View. It also includes the campy "Chic Alors" featuring Miss Formica Dinette! $5


Some albums are meant for dimly lit lounges. Lagoon is one of them, returning to the days of Henry Mancini, Martin Denny, and more recently, Combustible Edison. Lagoon encompasses the eerie, intoxicating harmonies with the rhythms of "percussionists in full Ricky Ricardo Mode" to create a perfect soundscape for the bastions of cocktail and martini enthusiasts. Exotica has found a new contender.$10

Dionysus Exotica

LP only with serigraph hand art print by Tiki Tony Hand numbered edition of 350. This ultra special compilation album features previously unreleased tracks by LUSHY and CLOUSEAUX, along with an assortment of tunes unavailable on vinyl by ORCHESTRA SUPERSTRING, CHAINO, THE TIKI TONES, KARLA PUNDIT and STEREOPHONIC SPACESOUND UNLIMITED. The art print by TIKI TONY is hand numbered, signed and suitable for framing, packaged with the LP in a resealable Japanese plastic sleeve.Sold Out

Beyond Good and Evil

Clouseaux´s latest adventure in sound and it takes us to a variety of intertwining locales: atomic age America in all its homogenized glory, the lost lagoons of exotica and those tropical paradises, terrifying sci-fi invasions from outer space, and to Mesopotamia where magic Genies do battle on flying carpets.$10