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Click  the picture below to see more photos from Tiki Oasis 3!

Tiki Oasis 3

Clouseaux recommends the following sites...

Mai Tai Newsletter (Montreal)

Jay's first carving...

Tiki News

Tikimania (Bone Productions/Crazy Al)

Combustible Edison

Cool and Strange Music

The Tiki Room

The Tiki Lounge (more exotica)

Martin Denny

Les Baxter


Nerd Rock

Uncle Charlie

Shag Art

This page is Clouseaux's nod to all that is tiki. Up above are some cool links to tiki sites as well as some sites dedicated to exotica music.  We've also included some art sites from Uncle Charlie and Shag.  We'll continue adding cool links as we come upon them. Clouseaux is also proud to have  played Tiki Oasis 3, a gathering of tiki aficionados from all over the nation organized by Otto of Tiki News. This event was held at the Caliente Tropics Resort in Palm Springs California the weekend of May 9-11.  Click the picture above to see more...


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