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Clouseaux news updates archived from most recent to oldest...

Aug 27 2004:     CD RELEASE SHOW HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY AUG 13.  We are sad to announce that this will be CLAUDIO'S LAST SHOW.  Yes folks you heard me right. (sob..) our beloved drummer is headed towards greener pastures to pursue music in Philadelphia.  So in proper Clouseaux fashion we shall send him off with a troupe of Belly Dancers! The Queens of De-Nile will be performing this Cd Release/Claudio Farewell show Friday August 13.  We love you Claudio!! Come support him on his last show with Clouseaux.
July 27 2004:   Clouseaux has been nominated Best Horn Section, Best Drummer, and Musician of the Year in this year's Houston Press Music Awards. Please show your support and vote here.
Jan 1 2004:  Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were most luxurious and decadent. In '04 Clouseaux will continue to morph, expand, and contract in its ongoing search for the perfect sound and balance. We welcome Ukelele sensation Rhonda Roberts and are excited to have her join us. 
Sept 27, 2003- Clouseaux was recently sighted at the grand opening of the swank and luxurious Red Star, also at The Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans, and again at Drive-Invasion 2003 in Atlanta, last thursday at the Grasshopper (thanks Jamie) and Rudyards British Pub (thanks Scott & Brad).  The new Clouseaux CD coming out on Dionysus Records is due out in January stay posted for more details.... 
August 23, 2003:  THANK YOU HOUSTON for voting Clouseaux the Best New Act of 2003!  And thanks to the Houston Press for nominating Clouseaux for Best New Act, Best guitarist (Kelly Doyle), Best Drummer (Claudio De Pujadas), and Best Horns (Steve Ruth, Ryan Gabbart, Aaron Koerner). Clouseaux recently shared the stage with Mala Vista (Longview TX), The Medicine Show and Zombilly over at Fitzgeralds. Thanks Catfish for having us it was a great show. The next night we met up with Beetle at the Continental Club and we were joined by Saxophonist Cory from the Glen Miller Orchestra. It was a great set and thanks to all you guys who came out. We're in the process of putting up a ton of new pictures so check the new "photo gallery" page to see them. 
Aug 3, 2003 - Clouseaux played as Tamalalia 8 let out last Friday at the Axiom. Tamarie herself let her hair down after her performance and along with a few of her Fred Astaires, swayed to the swirling luxuria of Clouseaux.  Afterwards Zombilly terrorized the Axiom patrons with their own brand of undead psychobilly surf.  We once again thank the Houston Press for nominating Clouseaux for Best New Act, Best guitarist (Kelly Doyle), Best Drummer (Claudio De Pujadas), and Best Horns (Steve Ruth, Ryan Gabbart, Aaron Koerner). We're in the process of putting up a ton of new pictures so check the new "photo gallery" page to see them. 
July 28, 2003 - It was like a can of sardines last night at Dean's Credit Clothing in downtown Houston where Clouseaux performed at the 2003 Houston Press Music Awards Showcase. Nominated for Best New Act, Best guitarist (Kelly Doyle), Best Drummer (Claudio De Pujadas), and Best Horns (Steve Ruth, Ryan Gabbart, Aaron Koerner), Clouseaux provided the exotic ambience as the people looked on, standing shoulder to shoulder, cocktails in hand, in the hot and humid Houston heat. See more pictures here. Speaking of pictures, we're in the process of putting up a ton of new pictures so check the new "photo gallery" page to see them. Tonight the members of Clouseaux return to Sugarhill Studios to do their take on Asleep at the Wheel's "Miles and Miles of Texas" which is to appear on an upcoming Sugarhill retrospective compilation.  Don't forget to come to the Axiom Friday to see Clouseaux and Zombilly duel it out ... 
July 20, 2003- Clouseaux extends it's gratitude to the Houston Press for nominations for the 2003 Houston Press Music Awards.  Nominations include Best New Act, Best Guitarist (Kelly Doyle), Best Drummer (Claudio De Pujadas), and best Horns (Steve Ruth, Ryan Gabbart, Aaron Koerner). Show your support and vote online. Welp, the Helios show was an interesting one.  A very intimate gathering not only of fans but of group members. Clouseaux's skeleton crew consisted of only 6 people last night.  A high count by the standards of many bands but in Luxopolis that's a new record for the least amount of people. Thanks to Marianna for being a most gracious host. Stay tuned for her big art event August 30 which will include seven artist and 30 models displaying body art. And a final thanks to Brian Armstrong's duo and Three Fantastic for coming out and rockin it with us. They slayed as always.
July 7, 2003- Clouseaux thanks the Houston Press for our nominations in the 2003 Houston Press Music Awards. Claudio is up for best drummer, Kelly for best guitarist, Steve, Aaron, and Ryan are up for best horns and Clouseaux has been nominated for best new act.  Support Clouseaux and vote here. We've been busy writing new music for our upcoming full-length release on Dionysus Records and we'll be field testing these new gems at our upcoming shows (see below).  Thanks to the Continental Club, Sugar Shack and Zombilly for a most excellent Texas Luau Show Saturday July 5 and happy anniversary to Continental Club Houston!  And finally we are making a few changes to the site. You can now access group and individual bios from the "who is clouseaux?"  page AND in case you didn't notice we will keep our most recent news update here on the home page  while all other news entries will be archived on our News Page. Ciao for now!
June 15, 2003 - Big News! Clouseaux may be teaming up with ultra-hip Dionysus Records for our next album!  If all goes well (and it looks like it will) Clouseaux's music will be available globally.  New Pictures  are up of Clouseaux's California excursion to Tiki Oasis 3.  Speaking of excursions, Clouseaux will be headed east in August with planned stops in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Atlanta. Beware dirty south! And finally, New Clouseaux T-shirts and EP's are available online here at The Connextion
May 12, 2003-  Well Tiki Oasis 3 has come and gone to the dismay of all who attended.  Clouseaux played Friday night and Saturday afternoon having a great time doing so.  In addition to Clouseaux's 2 performances we met a slew of interesting characters including The Millionaire (of Combustible Edison), Shag, Lee Joseph of Dionysus Records, Crazy Al the tiki carver and frontman of Ape, Project Pimento, King Kukulele, Bamboo Ben, the folks at Tiki Farm and House of Tiki, and of course the illustrious Otto Von Stroheim, organizer of the event.  We had a wonderful weekend and look forward to next year's tiki oasis 4! Thanks Otto!
May 2, 2003-  Alot has been happening here in Luxopolis. Clouseaux will be appearing on PBS TV Houston Channel 8 on Tuesday May 6 and Sunday May 11 on a show called the connection. Check it out. In addition Clouseaux's "La Nuit" will appear on Public Access Cable Channel 17 in Houston. It was filmed during our Pajama Party at the Continental Club April 26.  Clouseaux will release a new 6 song CD May 9th at Tiki Oasis in Palm Springs.  We will also unveil our new t-shirts and some killer clouseaux coconut mugs hand made by our own Travis Mixon. Check the home page for upcoming shows in Houston and Austin.  See ya!!!
March 21, 2003  Hello everyone.  Here´s whats been going on since our last update:   Clouseaux appears in Cool and Strange Music Magazine (pick up your copy at Tower Records or online).  We have received airplay on radio stations in Seattle, Canada, and Houston.  Clouseaux was a critics pick in The Austin Chronicle for SXSW, and we have also been invited to play on PBS TV channel 8 in Houston.   We´re busy trying to put together a new CD EP (5 or 6 songs) for release at Tiki Oasis 3. Speaking of which we are all very excited about meeting Shag and the creator of Sponge Bob Square Pants who are both to be in attendance there.  Clouseaux is also receiving much support from Mark Williams, music editor of the Bulletin. Thank you Mark.  Look for new bio pages for John Best (our new vibes player), The fabulous Miss Formica Dinette, and the lovely Miss Johanna Harris.  Welp, thats about it for now. Stay tuned for more info and we hope to see you at an upcoming show!
February 24, 2003: Hello out there!  Clouseaux has just been blessed with 2 new members.  Vocalists Johanna Harris and Miss Formica Dinette.  Check back soon for updates to the Clouseaux bio pages for more information on these sultry sirens!  Also let it be known that we are trying our best (no pun intended) to recruit the most excellent vibes player John Best to our line up of exotica warriors. More later...
February 16, 2003: Greetings, here's the low down as of late: Clouseaux will be appearing live on the radio Tuesday Night from 8-9pm Central time on KPFT 90.1 Pacifica radio in Houston. It will be during their fund raising campaign so tune in here and give us a listen. Also Clouseaux will be featured on the Local Bands Section of the Houston Chronicle on February 20th.  Other Stuff: Our new album is in the works is due out in May.  Clouseaux may be adding some new vocalists to the line up which we're very excited about. Stay tuned for more details!
February 1, 2003: Hello again, Clouseaux has been super busy. 1st off, we visited RBI studios and started working on our new release. We laid down basic tracks on 2 songs and they are sounding great. We've shared the stage at Continental Club Houston with both 3 fantastic and the Medicine Show, 2 awesome acts from Houston.  Tomas has been in California for the past 2 weeks so we've been missing him greatly. He's due back this Wednesday at the Continental. Last Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to play at the Continental Club in Austin. We played with Hot Club of Cowtown (an absolutely amazing trio) and Victrola (also excellent). Playing both the Continental in Houston and in Austin, one can really see the difference in the music scene between the 2 cities- no comparison.  Maybe someday H-town will wake up and support it's local treasures. Look for a Clouseaux appearance on 90.1 KPFT soon, also Clouseaux is due in the Houston Chronicle Local band page feb 13.  In addition we have confirmed our spot in Tiki Oasis, a 2 day celebration all that is tiki and exotica with aficionados coming from all over the nation to take part. It will be held at the Caliente Tropics Hotel in Palm Springs California on May 9 and 10.
January 15, 2003: Hey Everyone. We had a great show with Allison Fisher Trio and Three Fantastic last Saturday at Rudyards. Fun was had by all including Butch from 30footFALL and Barry from Magnetic IV. Clouseaux has been accepted into the SXSW festival in Austin in March. We'll be hobknobbin' with bands from all over the world. The Houston Press gave us some love- read the  article written by Greg Barr. In the works: Clouseaux articles in The Houston Chronicle and The Bulletin (a north Houston rag) as well as new merch is on the way...
January 3, 2003: Happy New Year!  Well it's official, Clouseaux will be performing at the Continental Club every Wednesday in January so come out for some humpday decadence. Also don't forget we'll be at Rudyards Saturday Jan 11. Clouseaux will have a write up by Greg Barr in next Wednesday's Houston Press. It's free so pick up a copy to see how bad they bash us. =).  Also in other press related news, Dana Countryman, the editor of Cool and Strange Music Magazine has our CD and has agreed to review it in the next issue due out in February. Thanks Dana! Cool and Strange is carried in Tower Record Stores and also in Borders.
December 19 2002: Clouseaux played the continental club last night and it was dope. We saw Lucky Larue, Joey Salinas of Marfreless, Jason and Jasmine and Dusty too. Thanks to all who came and thanks to Greg and Troy of the Houston press as well as Trey and the rest of the staff at the Continental Club.  Oh and by the way our own john daniels brought down the house with his fire skills. it was rather primal...
December 8 2002:  Wanna see a clouseaux video snippet? I've got miles of Clouseaux footage that has yet to be put up online but I found a "bootleg" if you will on steffany's site. It was filmed at our last show at the Satellite Lounge.
BIG NEWS! - Clouseaux's Debut CD is out!! Yes, at last you can sink your quality starved ears into something good!  Our 10 song Cd has not hit stores yet but you can get it straight from the band.  No record industry price hikes. It's only 10 bux plus shipping. Just email us (click here) and tell us how many you need and we'll ship them out the next day!
November 27: Welp we played The Satellite lounge last thursday. Not many in attendance but the show was great.  Jason Davis (of middlefinger, 30footfall, the rachels, the suspects, janitor, and rugrash- yeah i know i forgot a couple bands but whose counting?) has asked Clouseaux to perform at his private graduation party December 14th at the fountainhead. Maybe we'll see you there? Also in the works are shows at the continental club, rudyards, emo's austin and more.
November 10:  Clouseaux has just returned from Austin where we played Ocean's 11 Tiki Bar.  A great time was had by all. Thanks to Dino Lee, Mr. Fabulous and his awesome bar staff for hosting us in a most luxurious fashion.  The Mai tais were complete with umbrellas and hanging monkeys not to mention the Flaming Krakatoa's were huge enough to knock a horse out. Lovely! In addition thanks to Mo and Matt Kelly for their gracious hospitality and a congratulations goes out to our own tomas escalante and his wife jennifer on their 5th wedding anniversary. Also we thank tess for capturing the night on video (you are too kind!). John, our fireblowing percussionist is now up on luxopolis so be sure and check out his page.  Our CD's should be here tuesday and we'll have them for sale at cactus music in-store performance and at the art on the avenue shindig this satudray.  later!
October 26: Clouseaux gives special thanks to Bill McGraw for shooting  our performance at Fitzgeralds (10-25). The video turned out great! We also thank Dover Drive for coming out.  You can now join our e-mail list below to be updated on upcoming shows and Cd releases. Also we added a guestbook so go leave your mark!    Also Clouseaux thanks the Houston Press for nominating our own Claudio Depujadas and Jay Brooks  for best drummer and bassist for the 2002 Houston Press Music Awards. 

Check back for more news later....

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