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Most of the members of Clouseaux are involved in other groups or bands. These are listed below along with descriptions and links.

Magnetic IV

(Claudio-- Other Members: Charlie Esparza, Gina Rodriguez, Barry)  The best way to understand the magnetic IV is to read this review: "Dropped the needle on this little blue sucker and was completely fuckin' blown away by the raw beauty of this sweet garage punk trash that oozed out like lightning between the grooves. Great snot-nosed girl vocals courtesy of Gina mixed well with Charlie's reverb-heavy guitar make this new Texas band from Space City prove that they definitely have that patented Texas Punk sound! You know... raw, in-your-face, primitive, chaotic madness that's hard to listen to without jumping to your feet and slippin' that backbone until it's completely outta whack. Bands like Haven't heard this kind of meld of garage punk & surf trash since the Trashwomen (and by now you should know who was in THAT band!) disbanded some years ago. "Teenage Frankenstein" is a work of pure fucked-up genius that can only come from watching too many cheesy horror flicks. The two tracks on the b-side ("The Crush" & "Yer Kinda Love") are just further evidence that this band is serious about dismembering the rock'n'roll corpse they found in the back of some '67 Cadillac hearse! Yow!! Jeff "Kopper" Kopp -- The Wayback Machine "


(David and Jay--Other members include Jason Davis, Brian Davis and Matt Kelly) Middlefinger is a 5piece band which formed in '96. Their music is fast and although rooted in punk, covers many different styles. Matt the group's vocalist and frontman has been seen wearing a coconut bra and a flying pig on his head, he's been know to pull rubber chickens from his drawers and cut major arteries on stage. He's been hospitalized and operated on several occasions as a result of his performances with Middlefinger but continues nevertheless. He has been compared to David Byrne and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo. Middlefinger released "3 Martini Lunch", a 12-song CD in 96 and followed up in 97 with the release of "Quickie", a 6-song CD/EP (1998 Album of the year -Houston Press, 1998 Band of the year -Public News-). " Digitus Impudicus," Middlefinger's 3rd released hit the shelves in 2000 and achieved global distribution. Just recently the band released it's first live CD "Live... with Hormones". 

The Suspects

(Claudio, Steve, Ryan, Tomas, Jay-- Other members: Bill Grady, Alan Hernandez, Hunter Close, Chris Kendricks, Charlie Esparza, Joe Cote, Chuy Terrazas, and several others whose names I can't recall).  When you think of ska in Houston, you think of the Suspects.  This group packed shows in and around H-town in the late 90's and finally called it quits in 2002.  They released 3 full length CD's, a 7" and a few EP's. 

Three Fantastic

(Kelly-- Other Members: Charles, David and Evan)  The following was taken from the Three Fantastic Site: "I almost want to believe that Three Fantastic is like a massive case of diarreah without any kind of tangible mercy. It blows chunks of burgeoning goopy shit everywhere and retards any actual burgeoning information. Yes we like to pee on people in the burgeoning public restaraunt. But that's not true. You heard it from the lips of an actual burgeoning pygmy protester without any kind of pubic hair. Does three fantastic make music? No......... We make furniture. Sometimes the animals whistle our tunes with burgeoning food in their mouths. Nick's goat has a mouthful of shrimp. Thank you Brown Whornet for the massive burgeoning rimjob fakeness experiment gum. Back to Nick's goat. He died in our private jet with a slight toothpaste odor in his flatulence. It was disturbing, really. Even though I'm not in the band, sometimes they let me pee onstage and have a bite of their complimentary burgeoning shrimp cocktail."

(claudio- other members mike and charlie) The hardest, the fastest, the truest hardcore.  Grab your children by the collars and run for your lives...  

The Plus and Minus Show
(David, Kelly, Claudio, Tomas- other members: Mike Haaga and many others) -Mike Haaga's (of Dead Horse and Superjoint Ritual) new studio project. Expertly crafted music bound for greatness.

Secret Agent 8
(Aaron) - The last of the of Houston ska scene. Quality ska fusion straight from toxic city.


(John Daniels- other members: Chris Johnson, Chris, and Shawn)  Self described Texas Psycho Surf Punk straight out of Cut-N-Shoot Texas.  And oh, did I tell you that these folks are undead?